The Essence collection grows

In 2001 Alfredo Häberli, an internationally renowned Swiss-Argentinian product designer, designed Essence with the simple idea to create a series that had as few glasses as possible while still being able to serve a full range of wines. In 2021, a full twenty years since its launch, the highly acclaimed Essence collection grows with new serving items.

Finding the essence

Häberli used his own heritage of growing up with a family owned restaurant and hotel when designing Essence. His goal was to integrate his knowledge of gastronomy in a glass with a minimal form that struck a balance between tradition and modernity, celebration and daily use. To find what he described as “the in-between or the essence.”

With Essence, Häberli deconstructed the wine glass’s conventional design by turning the traditional soft curve into an angular, trapeze shaped bowl that was flattened and a tapered stem that was turned upside down.

Believing that simple forms enhance the enjoyment of wine, Essence glassware is modern and minimal. The beautiful design is amongst the most recognized glassware collections in the world having won both the iF Award and the Les Découvertes Award.

A new dimension

We add a new dimension to the Essence collection with serving items designed by Häberli. A minimal line of multipurpose pieces – plates, bowls, dishes and a small jar – are meant to be interpreted by the person using them.