New 100% Recycled Glass Collection

For over a century, Iittala has been a pioneer in lasting design. This season, we introduce a new collection of design icons made solely of 100% recycled waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory.

Alvar Aalto Collection bowl 358 mm
Alvar Aalto Collection vase 160 mm recycled

100% Recycled

Sustainability has always been at Iittala’s core. In 2019, the Iittala Glass Factory was one of the world’s first industrial manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass. This spring, we introduce our new special edition 100% recycled glass collection made entirely of waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory. The collection features iconic designs such as the Aalto vase, the Aalto tealight candleholder, the Kastehelmi tumbler, the Kastehelmi tealight candleholder and the Raami tumbler. Recycled glass saves both energy and natural resources.

Iittala encourages making sustainable choices for a better future

Iittala’s designers and craftspeople have been inspired by nature for decades. Deep respect for nature is evident in the colours and organic shapes of glassware, and in Iittala’s dedication to the pursuit of better living and sustainable choices. In the future, Iittala Glass Factory aims to reuse the majority of its waste glass as raw material for new products.

Timeless design will never be thrown away

Iittala believes that people should have the right to expect their design items to last a lifetime, and that Iittala items never go out of fashion. Iittala’s objects are made to be used, day in and day out, for generations to come. To Iittala, sustainability means lasting design, caring for the environment and people, minimizing our effects on the environment, and continuously developing the products and services, one step at a time.