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Nature of Glass
100% Recycled Special Edition 

The Iittala Glass Factory has always been a pioneer in the development of new methods for manufacturing glass, challenging established practices and creating new innovations. Iittala’s expertise and understanding of glass as a material is unique, hence why it is one of the world’s first industrial manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass.

Reuse of waste glass saves energy and resources

Waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory is produced during the post-processing of mouth-blown glass, the pouring of molten glass, and quality control, should the item not fulfill Iittala’s strict quality requirements. Such glass is used as raw material for new items or recycled, for example, to manufacture insulation material.

At the Iittala Glass Factory, all waste glass is reused or recycled. We remain dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable choices because we believe everyone deserves to live better.

One of a kind

Depending on the waste glass used in the production, the colours of the collection vary from cool blues to calming greens and earthy neutrals, making each glass object truly unique. Waste glass products are equally durable as those made of virgin material.

The recycled special edition collection features some of our most loved designs including the Aalto vase, the new Aalto tealight candleholder, Kastehelmi tumbler, Kastehelmi tealight candleholder, and new Raami tumbler.